About Stasis Athletics

Our brand's mission is to make high-quality athletic gear and tech components more affordable, so our customers can have the tools they need to elevate their fitness and recreational activities. Our company stands upon three pillars that lead all of our efforts.


The things you need to maximize your workout shouldn't max out your wallet. At Stasis Athletics, our engineers are focused on finding methods to make superior products efficiently, so as little cost as possible is transferred to our customers. Accessibility is important to us, but so is delivering a high-quality product that performs just as well as (if not better) other companies in the market. 


Sports are all about teamwork and community. Without the support of family, fans and the surrounding community, athletics wouldn't be the same. We have a passion for helping people reach their goals and spotlighting accomplishments on our platform. Stasis is all about highlighting any individual on the road to greatness. Not just celebrities and pro athletes. If you'd like to get share your story with Stasis Athletics, check out the different ways you can get involved.


 Our company and product line is here to support ordinary people who do extraordinary things in their lives, and our latest commercial highlights two individuals who are doing just that. We want to help personal trainers, gyms, local sports teams, and organizations take their brand to the next level with customization options for our existing gear and opportunities to make money with Stasis Athletics.