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Stasis E-Pods

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Our Stasis E-Pods are the best quality on the market.  Same exact size and feel as AirPods but without the high price point.  Our E-Pods last longer, have 11 percent more volume , and have touch sensor controls.  These will blow the competition away in sound and quality.  Our E-Pods come in white or black color varitions. You don't have to spend a lot to get a lot when you are using the Stasis E-Pods 


compatible with both IOS and Android phones 

compatible with all bluetooth enabled devices 

3 hours music/talk time

simple instant pairing when taken out of the case

Case will recharge headphones in 45 mins to be used for another 3 hours.

Case has wireless charging capabilities 

you will get 11-13 hours of use from the charging case.

bluetooth range 50-70 ft 

ipx5 waterproof rating 

free rubber protective case 

1 year warranty