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Stasis Freedom: True Wireless Headphones

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We're proud to introduce the Stasis Freedom True Wireless headphones. Just take them out of the box and they are ready to pair with any device with seamless, one-touch pairing. With a range of 50 feet, you don't have to keep your phone on your person, and the headset will issue a warning when you're walking out of range. 15 minutes of charging will get you more than an hour of use, and a full charge will give you 5 - 6 hours of battery life. Make and receive phone calls with crystal clear sound and no static.

With an improved processor board and no wires to worry about, our Stasis Freedom headphones are a liberating addition to your music-listening experience. The invigorating bass, astounding clarity, and battery life will keep you in your zone. Simplicity and technology have never worked together this flawlessly before. 

Each headset comes with a charging cable, three eartip sizes and a two-year warranty.